Acorn Atom

Acorn BBC Microcomputer

The Acorn BBC Model B, or ‘Beeb’, came with a whopping 32 kilobytes of RAM; programs could be loaded from cassette at 300 or 1200 bits per second, but you could also install extra ROM chips that contained software such as word processors.

It had lots of hardware expansion options and interfaces - including floppy drives, an RS-423 serial port, and an RGB monitor output. There even was an option to install a local area network called ‘Econet’, or a second processor unit like a 80286 that would allow you to run MS-DOS programs!

Acorn BBC Master 128

Acorn Archimedes

Refurbishing an Acorn computer

Always start by replacing both RIFA capacitors (C1, C2) in your Acorn BBC (Master) power supply. These tend to dry out and crack, causing them to go ‘pop’ and leave a horrible smell.

There is a third capacitor, C9, an electrolytic capacitor that may also need replacing but I have not encountered that yet.

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