On this website you will find infrequent postings on all kinds of topics, including my collection of Acorn Computers.

Since joining Twitter in 2010, postings on my blog have become less frequent. Over the years I’ve tried (and failed) to revive this blog - first, running Serendipity CMS, then Wordpress CMS and currently Jekyll, a static website generator.

As of December 2022, I’ve moved away from the network formerly known as Twitter into the Fediverse: @EdVoncken on Mastodon, as well as @EdVoncken on BlueSky.


I mostly work in IT for R&D / Software Engineering organizations (in the Eindhoven, NL area) as an Open Source / Linux specialist on subjects including IT Architecture and Infrastructure, Software Configuration Management, Security, DevOps and monitoring.

I’ve been a Red Hat Certified Engineer since 2005; over the years I passed additional exams and achieved Red Hat Certified Architect (since expired); you can verify me here. I also hold a CISSP Certification, ID 113747, in Information Security.

I currently work at ASML, providing specialized tools and infrastructure for a very large (4000+) distributed software engineering team.


As for hobbies: I like all kinds of stuff, including Retro Computing, electronics, motorcycling, photography, BBQ and technology in general.