On this website you will find infrequent postings on all kinds of topics, including my 8-bit Acorn Computer collection.

Since joining Twitter in 2010, postings on my blog have become less frequent. Over the years I’ve tried (and failed) to revive this blog - first, running Serendipity CMS, then Wordpress CMS and currently Jekyll, a static website generator.

As of December 2022, I’ve moved away from the network formerly known as Twitter into the Fediverse: @EdVoncken on Mastodon, as well as @EdVoncken on BlueSky.


I mostly work in IT for R&D / Software Engineering organizations (in the Eindhoven, NL area) as an Open Source / Linux specialist on subjects including IT Architecture and Infrastructure, Software Configuration Management, Security, DevOps and monitoring.

I’ve been a Red Hat Certified Engineer since 2005; over the years I passed additional exams and achieved Red Hat Certified Architect (since expired); you can verify me here. I also hold a CISSP Certification, ID 113747, in Information Security.

I currently work at ASML, providing specialized tools and infrastructure for a very large (4000+) distributed software engineering team.


As for hobbies: I like all kinds of stuff, including Retro Computing, electronics, motorcycling, photography, BBQ and technology in general.