This machine is a ‘hybrid’: it appears to be an A3010 mainboard with an A3020 keyboard and cover - a ‘Franken-Ten’, if you will ;-)

It came with an ICS ideA podule containing a harddisk, but that no longer seems to work.

A3010-001 first look inside

First course of action - as always - is to remove any batteries and check for / repair any damage caused by leaks.

After removing the battery

So, I disassembled it, removed the Varta NiCD cell and put in a non-rechargeable Lithium thionyl chloride cell (with protective diode and resistor). There was no extensive battery damage and the capacitors look fine for now, so I think I can save this machine.

It has a SimTec 3MB memory expansion installed, giving a total of 4MB RAM.

A3010-001 with battery replaced

I’m planning to install a Podule with a DOM (Disc On Module) to be used as a harddrive.