I recently purchased an iXopy X100 from AliExpress to play around with RFID and NFC tags.

iCopyX100 I received version “Ver:10-10 220718-221126”, supporting common RFID / NFC frequencies:

125 kHz - RFID/NFC Low Frequency (LF)
Proximity cards; ISO10536, T5577, TK4100 / EM4100
13.56 MHz - RFID/NFC High Frequency (HF)
Smart Cards; ISO1443, ISO15693

It also claims to support the following frequencies that I do not recognize:

  • 175 kHz, 250 kHz, 300 kHz, 375 kHz, 500 kHz, 625 kHz, 750 kHz, 875 kHz, 1000 kHz

My first impression of this iCopy-X100 is good - it reads and writes my LF cards (T5577) as well as HF cards (Mifare Classic 1K). I have not connected it to a computer yet.

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