Getting started with the RF12 wireless module on a JeeNode

I recently ordered a couple of JeeNode v6 boards. These boards are mostly Arduino-compatible (standard shields won’t fit) and optionally contain an RF12 radio module. They are ideal for creating wireless sensors.

On Mac OS X, the Arduino IDE stores your sketches in your home directory, under ~/Documents/Arduino. Open a Terminal window and type the following commands:

cd ~/Documents/Arduino
mkdir libraries
cd libraries
svn co svn://
svn co svn://

Done! The RF12 library is now installed. Do not forget the Ports library, or you will see errors like this:

RF12demo.cpp:7:19: error: Ports.h: No such file or directory

Restart the Arduino IDE. You should now see several new entries under File | Sketchbook | libraries | RF12. Open the RF12demo sketch and try to compile it. There should be no errors.

For a more meaningful demonstration you will of course need at least 2 JeeNodes with RF12. Load File | Sketchbook | libraries | RF12 | pingPong and try to compile it. Upload to both JeeNodes and watch the Serial Monitor. If there is traffic you will be greeted by “OK Hello!”:

Send and Receive
OK Hello!
OK Hello!