My RHCE certification (RHEL 4) was no longer current so I had to re-take the exam with RHEL 6. I decided to take the 4-day course (RH300) as well as the exam (EX300) in one week but it turned out to be quite the obstacle-course:

  • Monday. The first day of the course: while waiting in Amsterdam for the trainer to arrive, we were informed that he had fallen ill – course canceled, no backup trainer available. Meh.
  • A couple of weeks later, the course finally starts with Sander van Vugt as trainer, someone else will proctor the exam (Friday). Things start to look good ;-)
  • Friday: while waiting in Amersfoort for the proctor to arrive, we hear he’s had an accident and the exam will have to be canceled. No backup proctor available. More meh.

Fortunately, Red Hat tried their best to remedy the situation and got Wander to proctor an extra exam on Tuesday. Pffff, what a journey…

But the good news: I PASSED both exams! Yay! Time for beer and BBQ, celebrations are in order ;-)