I’m really happy that I got AppleCare for my 2007 MacBook Pro. My laptop was obviously inspected by #5, “Mr. Murphy” as it left the factory… Over the course of nearly 3 years, my MacBook Pro had to undergo lots of repairs. It’s been in the shop for around 2 months total (each repair takes at least 2 weeks over here in The Netherlands).

We’re talking 2 replacement LCDs, 3 replacement batteries, 2 replacement SuperDrives, 1 replacement hard disk and probably some other bits I forgot. These replacement parts alone paid for my AppleCare. Of course, the question remains if a “Pro” laptop should experience all these defects.

Just 6 weeks after it returned from Yet Another Repair, the NVidia GPU finally dies (a known problem with this chip). This time AppleCare referred me to Apple Customer Relations, I guess they were starting to feel sorry for me.

After some internal discussions, I got the good news: Apple has decided to replace the laptop with a brand new MBP 15″, just 2 weeks before AppleCare coverage runs out. Now that’s what I call Service!

So here I am, impatiently waiting for the UPS delivery truck that carries my early X-Mas gift from Apple ;-)