By default, the Puxing PX-777 radio starts in “Frequency Mode”. Sometimes it’s nice to see a name instead of the frequency. You can enable channel names if the radio is running in “Channel Mode”.

I programmed these channel names on a PC using the 6-in-1 software with a USB programming cable.

  • To toggle between “Frequency Mode” and “Channel Mode”, press and hold the “enter” key while switching on the radio. The radio now displays channel numbers like “CH-001”. This setting will be remembered until you change it.
  • Go to Menu 15 (Name), press “enter”, use the encoder to select “On” and press “enter” again to confirm. Leave the menu using the escape key, “vfo/mr”. The radio should now display the channel name you programmed, for example a repeater name like “PI2EHV”.

Note: after programming the radio using the 6-in-1 software, my radio always defaults to Frequency Mode.